McConnell’s launched on keg

McConnell’s launched on keg

Our award-winning Irish Stout is now available in kegs.

Demand for McConnell’s in cask has never been stronger and to further increase its availability, this rich creamy stout has been launched on keg.

In 1932 Patrick McConnell left Ireland in search of employment. Like the thousands before him, he found work and a new life in the shipyards and streets of Jarrow.

Patrick lived and worked in Little Ireland, as it become known, for the rest of his life. Today, his Grandson brews this fine stout as a testimony to the Irish heritage that remains in this corner of the North East.

McConnell’s Irish Stout offers a long lingering liquorice taste and pale chocolate finish and has an ABV of 4.6%.

It is available for delivery now and enquiries can be made to 0191 483 6792 or [email protected]

7 Oct 2014 3:48pm

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