Our Ales

Inspired by famous residents and events, the names of our real ales are derived from the depth of history that this small corner of the North East can call upon.

The fortunes of Jarrow have ebbed and flowed with time and it has a unique story centuries old.

The world-renowned writings of Bede, the father of English history, made Jarrow the brightest light of learning in the dark ages. His death followed sackings by Vikings raiders waning its glow.

It wasn’t until the industrial revolution took hold and the rise of Palmers shipyard, which swelled the town with a huge influx of workers from the Emerald Isle, that Little Ireland, as it become known, flourished.

It was to be the shipyard’s decline and eventual closure that became the catalyst for an event that would become forever synonymous with the town.

The Jarrow Crusade of 1936 saw 200 men take their protest against unemployment and extreme poverty to the streets and march to London to lobby parliament. Though the efforts of the few did little in reality to help the conditions faced by many, the onset of war soon after was to change Jarrow’s fortunes once more.

Our own award-winning real ales crafted by our head brewer and daughter, Mikaela, celebrate this heritage from its people and the stories that have left their mark and helped shape what is Jarrow today.

When we took over The Robin Hood our aim was simple: create great tasting beers and traditional, welcoming places in which to drink them.

Proud of our roots, proud of our beer - we believe both are a cause for celebration.

Jarrow Brewery is an award-winning craft brewery based in the North East of England and our aim is:

To create great tasting beer.

Beers you'd walk a long, long way for.