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Products & Tasting Notes

Jarrow Bitter 3.8%

Our first ale brewed in October 2002. A classic session ale. A light golden bitter with a delicate hop aroma and a lingering fruity finish - easy drinking


Rivet Catcher 4.0% abv

CAMRA Great British Beer Festival Silver & Bronze Winner and Champion North East Beer of the Year. A symbolic tradesman from Tyneside's glorious shipyard history. A light, smooth, satisfying gold bitter. Subtle fruity hops give the taste profile on tongue and nose.


Joblings Swinging Gibbet 4.1% abv

Recalls a macabre tale, which remains a potent symbol in Jarrow's history. William Jobling was convicted of murdering South Tyneside Magistrate, Nicholas Fairless, although it was widely recognised that he was virtually a spectator at the scene. The sentence was that he be publicly executed and his body hung from a gibbet on Jarrow Slake. A copper coloured, evenly balanced beer, with a good hop aroma and a fruity finish.


Caulker 4.2%

Another bygone tradesman from Tyneside's glorious shipyard history. A light smooth satisfying golden hoppy ale, with a lingering grapefruit zest finish.


Jarrow/Winter Slake - 4.3%

Jarrow Slake is the grisly site where William Jobling was hung in his gibbet. A golden amber ale with a subtle floral taste derived from the dominance of Goldings Hops. The addition of Cascade during the aroma boil leaves smooth bitterness on the palate.


Red Ellen 4.4%

Rebellious Jarrow Labour MP in 1936, Ellen Wilkinson, joined the Jarrow Marchers on route to London on their employment protest and addressed them at Hyde Park. Ellen Wilkinson's most notable political achievement was in raising the school leaving age to 14 years. A rich ruby red, full-bodied ale with a citrus hop aroma.


Venerable Bede 4.5%

Biblical scholar and "Father of English History" C672-735AD. The Venerable Bede produced most of his works from the Monastery at Jarrow. A golden fruity well balanced premium ale.


McConnell's Irish Stout 4.6%

In 1932 Patrick McConnell left Ireland looking for employment. He found work at Palmers Shipyard in Jarrow and lived the rest of his life at Jarrow on Tyneside. Today his grandson brews an Irish stout he would be proud of. A rich creamy stout, with a long lingering liquorice and pale chocolate finish.


Westoe IPA 4.6%

Brewed to celebrate the opening of The Maltings brewery tap - only 150 yards from the last brewery in South Shields, namely The Westoe Brewery which closed in 1955. The pump clip is a re-created image of the Westoe Brewery IPA, but the beer is an original Jarrow recipe. A pale gold ale with a soft malt character and refreshingly complex hop aroma - easy drinking premium ale.


Old Cornelius 4.8%

Honouring Cornelius Whalen, "The Last Surviving" Jarrow marcher who lived near the Jarrow Brewery and kindly lent his name to this rich ruby red beer with a malty character.



Isis 5.0%

Brewed to celebrate the opening of our new pub, The Isis in Sunderland City Centre.A well balanced golden premium ale with a full hop aroma and grapefruit presence on the palate.



Bonny Blaydon Belle 5.0%

Brewed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Blaydon Race on 9th June 2012. A premium refreshing summer ale with a floral grapefruit zest. Available for a limited period from May 28th 2012.